STD37H-A220D three-phase open-loop digital stepper driver

STD37H-A220D three-phase open-loop digital stepper driver is a universal standard stepper driver, which can be widely used in various automation control systems for precise control.

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◆ Adopting vector control and micro-subdivision control technology, compared with traditional drives in terms of running stability, noise, vibration, heat, etc. are greatly improved
◆ Strong and weak electrical isolation, strong anti-interference ability and good stability
◆ Adaptive control of decay mode and decay time, the switch tube operates in the minimum switching mode, the heat is greatly reduced during operation, and the distortion of the current waveform is small (the current waveform above 8r/s remains a sine wave)
◆ Equipped with 16 equal-angle constant torque subdivisions, the highest resolution is 60000 steps/revolution
◆ The highest response frequency can reach 200Kpps
◆ The maximum no-load speed of the motor can reach 50R/S (or 3000RPM) when the acceleration and deceleration curve is properly configured.
◆ When the stepping pulse stops for more than 100ms, the coil current is automatically reduced to 20%-80%
◆ Photoelectric isolation signal input/output
◆ The drive current is adjustable from 0.3A/phase to 6A/phase
◆ Single power input, voltage range: mains 220V, within ±15%
◆ Error protection: no motor detection, overheat protection, overcurrent protection, internal abnormal protection
◆ Phase memory function (Note: After the input pulse stops, the drive will automatically memorize the current phase of the motor. When the power is re-energized or the MF signal changes from valid to invalid, the drive will automatically restore the motor phase)
STD37H-A220D three-phase open-loop digital stepper driver