Q09 high performance vector control inverter

Q09 series high-performance vector control inverter adopts the current international leading technology fully synchronized with the speed sensorless vector control technology, not only has the same excellent control performance as the international high-end inverter, combined with China's application characteristics, strengthens the reliability of the product and the adaptability of the environment and the design of customization and industry, can better meet the needs of various transmission applications.
Single phase 220V 0.4-3.7KW Three-phase 380V 0.75-400KW

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  • Ti motor special control chip
  • Built-in optimized V/F control, vector control, torque control three modes
  • Vector control without speed sensor: control speed ratio 1:100
  • With PG card, there is a speed vector control, and the speed control ratio is 1:1000
  • Includes open MODBUS communication protocol
  • Automatic identification of motor parameters
  • Intelligent, scalable, modular design
  • Embedded PLC design, support industry function customization function
  • New structural design, support through the wall installation, safe and convenient operation
  • Comprehensive switching power supply protection function: output short circuit protection, overload protection, etc. to ensure the reliability of the whole machine
  • A variety of IGBT drive solutions, inexpensive IGBT short circuit protection circuits
  • The normalized design of the hardware interface is convenient for customers to try and maintain
  • Series power segment (0.4 ~ 400KW) standard common DC bus solutions below 75KW can have a built-in brake unit