STD27S-D80 two-phase closed-loop digital stepper driver

STD27S-D80 is based on the two-phase digital stepper driver plus a feedback port to capture the actual rotation position of the motor, to ensure that the stepper motor does not lose step, does not lose step, greatly improve the accuracy and reliability of the stepper motor.

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  • Using vector control and micro-subdivision control technology, it has greatly improved       the running stability, noise, vibration and heat generation compared with traditional drives
  • Strong and weak electrical isolation, strong anti-interference ability, good stability
  • Adaptive control of attenuation mode and attenuation time, the switch tube runs in the minimum switching mode, the heat generation is greatly reduced during operation, and the distortion of the current waveform is small (the current waveform above 8r/s is still maintained as a sine wave)   
  • It has 16 levels of constant torque subdivision at equal angles, and the maximum resolution is 60,000 steps/rpm
  • The maximum response frequency can reach 200Kpps
  • Acceleration and deceleration curve configuration of the maximum motor no-load speed up to 50R/S (or 3000RPM)
  • When the step pulse stops for more than 100ms, the coil current is automatically reduced to 20%-80%
  • Photoelectric isolated signal input/output
  • The drive current is adjustable from 0.3A/phase to 6A/phase
  • Single power input, voltage range: AC110~ 220V± within 15%.
  • Error protection: no motor detection, overtemperature protection, overcurrent protection, internal anomaly protection
  • Phase memory function (Note: After the input pulse stops, the driver automatically remembers the motor phase at that time, and when the power-on is restarted or the MF signal changes from active to invalid, the driver automatically restores the motor phase).

Power supply voltage and fluctuation range

DC DC24-80V ± 15%

Power supply frequency and fluctuation range


Control Mode

Sine wave PWM control, current control mode

Dynamic braking


Protective function

Overcurrent, drive overheating, phase-to-phase short circuit

Maximum input pulse frequency

200 kpps (for Open collector input situations) up to 500 kpps


MAX 40000 pulses/rpm

Cooling mode

Self-cooling, under special circumstances choose air-cooling

Ambient temperature

0~+55(Do not freeze)

Storage :-20℃~ 65℃(not frozen)

Ambient humidity

Below 90% RH (non-condensing)

Surrounding Environment

Indoor (no sunlight) non-corrosive gas, flammable gas, dust


Below 1000m above sea level